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Land Acquisition & Satshab

The Land Acquisition and Substitution ( Satshab)  refers to taking over private registered land by the Government Institution and Gerab Dratshangs in the public interest after providing land substitute/  cash compensation to the landowner. Eligibility criteria for Acquisition and Compensation is as follows;

1. Urban

The acquisition of the land in Thromde shall be provided cash compensation. However, if the land to be acquired is the only plot owned by the landowner, the proponent shall be entitled to a land substitute from the same Thromde.

2. Rural

In the event of acquisition from rural areas, the landowners shall have the discretion to opt for land substitution or cash compensation or both in proportion to the value of the acquired land.


The acquiring agency shall submit the land acquisition proposal (PLA-I) to the Dzongkhag/Thromde for deliberations. If recommended by the Dzongkhag/Thromde Land Acquisition and Compensation Committee (DLACC/TLACC), submit the detailed report in the format prescribed as per Forms PLA-1 to PLA-5 to the Commission Secretariat.

The LMD, DoLAM reviews and deliberates the proposals submitted by the Dzongkhag/Thromde and recommends to the Secretariat for further submission to the competent authority for endorsements and issuance of LagThram.

Required Documents
  • PLA-1- PLA-5 Forms
  • Decisions of DLACC/TLACC
  • Survey Report and Technical Files for acquired and land substitute (DLS)
  • Forestry Clearance of the proposed substitute land.
  • Click here to Download Forms

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    Mr. Dorji Wangdi
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