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Land Exchange

To initiate a transaction application, create an eSakor account, either in Rural or Urban Portal, depending on the location of the land.


Where necessary in the interests of the Nation or for those landowners whose land has been affected by natural calamities, falling within the critical watershed and scattered plot(s) located within the state forest, the Land Management Division facilitates the exchange of private registered land with the state land.The private registered land shall be eligible for land exchange as per the following eligibility criteria;

  • Private registered plot affected by Natural Calamities;
  • Private registered plot falling within the Critical Watershed area and Wetland.
  • Scattered private registered plot(s) located within State forests.

The SL proposed for exchange in rural areas shall be located in preference of the same village, Gewog, and Dzongkhag boundary.

  • The applicant shall submit a filled LE-I Form to the Local Governments fulfilling the requirements prescribed in Form LE-I; or apply through the Online eSakor system.
  • The Dzongkhag Land Exchange Committee (DLEC) shall verify the proposal and submit a field verification report along with the other necessary documents to NLCS as prescribed in Form LE-2;
  • The LMD, DoLAM reviews and deliberates the proposals submitted by the DLEC and recommends to the Secretariat for further submission to the competent authority for endorsements and issuance of LagThram.
  • Required Documents
  • LE-I Forms (Applicant)
  • LE_II Forms (DLEC)
  • Survey Report and Technical Files (DLS)
  • Photographic Evidence (both affected and proposed land)
  • Forestry Clearance of the proposed state land.
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