National Land Commission

Land Management Division is one of the newly established divisions under Department of Land Administration and Management. Prior to the formation of the division, land management and related works were carried out by Urban and Rural land division respectively.
Currently LMD render services concerning Land Substitution, Land Lease and Land Exchange. Previously land lease was handled by CID and PPD.


Management of state reserved forest land, urban and rural land.

  • Process state land and private land acquisition
  • Process land substitutes and compensations
  • Process land exchange of state land with rural registered land.
  • Conduct Satshab allotment committee meeting
  • Implement decisions of SACM.
  • Implement directives received from the Office of the Gyalpoi Zimpon
  • Services
  • Land transactions
  • Providing Lagthrams for approved satshab and land exchange case.
  • Providing lease lagthrams
  • Processing private land acquisitions for national interests
  • Processing land substitutes and compensations
  • Processing land allotment to Government Agencies and Religious Institutes
  • Processing exchange of state land with rural registered land that are affected by natural calamities or inaccessible to drinking water sources.
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