National Land Commission

Land Transaction
  • To initiate a property transaction, create an eSakor account based on your land location, whether it’s Rural or Urban.
  • USE the registered USER ID (Mobile No.) and set password to LOGIN in order to apply your transaction.
  • After filling in all the required details for property transfer, SUBMIT your transaction.
  • Once your application is received, submit your original documents to the respective Land Record Sector.
  • If all your submitted documents are valid, your transaction status will be changed from “RECEIVED” to “ACCEPTED”.
  • Cooling period of 30 DAYS will be then observed except for “THRAM OWNERSHIP TYPE CHANGE” and “COURT VERDICT TRANSACTION”.
  • On completion of cooling period, Dzongkhag/Thromde will verify and forward the transaction to NLCS HQ online for further verification and final approval.
  • After the approval, you may collect your lagthram either from HQ or respective Dzongkhag Land Record Sector.
Required documents
  • Agreement/Sale Deed with thumb impression, area in sq.ft for urban land and acre in rural land, plot ID, Thram no and CID with no overwriting FN1 form (NOC) from family members or co-owner(s) (if registered as Family Land or Joint Ownership respectively)
  • Enforcement Order along with court verdict (in case of court verdict) Death Certificate/ Acknowledgement letter from LG (if transferor is deceased)
  • FN2 form (in case of ownership type change)
  • Financial Clearance (if mortgaged)
  • Building Occupancy Certificate (if transfer of structure is required) PLA Agreement (in case of flat transfer)
  • Email

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