National Land Commission

The Rural Land Division renders land administration and land management services pertaining to rural land. It is one of the oldest divisions formed sometime in early 1960s. This Division was under the Ministry of Finance prior to its merger with the then Office of the Chief of Survey. The Division maintains the Chhagzhag Sathrams and all important documents related to land conveyance.

  • Land administration
  • Land management
  • Maintenance of Chazhag Sathrams
  • Functions
  • Execute land transactions
  • Update and maintain Chazhag Sathrams
  • Process private land acquisition
  • Process land substitutes and compensations
  • Process land allotment to Government Agencies and Religious Institutes
  • Process exchange of state land with rural registered land
  • Conduct field verifications for resolving discrepancies
  • Submit findings and reports to the Commission
  • Implement decision of the Commission and Dispute Settlement Committee
  • Implement directives received from the Office of the Gyalpoi Zimpon
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