National Land Commission

The Cadastral Information Division (CID) is a division of the National Land Commission founded during the Chain Survey in the 1960s. It pioneered land record digitization. CID has led three nationwide cadastral surveys and is the focal point for surveyors in all Dzongkhags. Today, it manages all cadastral surveying, mapping, and provides cadastral maps. CID is upgrading its information system to an international standard coordinated cadastre using advanced GNSS and GIS technology. The National Land Commission aims to establish a more secure land ownership system using modern surveying equipment, strengthening ownership security and the tenure system.

  • Geodatabase Administration and Management
  • Carry out cadastral surveys
  • e-Sakor system map updation
  • Set cadastral survey standards
  • Licensing of Cadastral Surveyor
  • Auditing surveyors
  • Validation and demarcation of Local Area Plan (LAP)
  • Regulate and Monitor the Cadastral surveyors in the Local Government
  • Services
  • Render Geographic Information System (GIS) platform based analysis
  • Cadastral data sharing
  • Minor realignment
  • Demarcation of cadastral boundaries
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