National Land Commission

Cadastral Survey Licensing

Cadastral surveying involves definition, redefinition, mutation of parcel boundary and noting encumbrances associated with land based on a set of national standards. Such standards pertain to field procedures, data processing and adherence to relevant laws. The Land Rules and Regulations 2007 states that only certified or licensed surveyors can practice cadastral surveying. A surveyor needs to be competent in all aspects of cadastral surveying to obtain a license to practice cadastral surveying. The Cadastral Surveyors Licensing Board of Bhutan within the aegis of the National Land Commission serves as the core institution mandated with licensing cadastral surveyors and monitoring their professional performance. Based on the licensing framework, a surveyor meeting basic academic and professional qualifications needs to undergo rigorous assessments in technical, legal and other areas of competencies before obtaining the license. The system of licensing the cadastral surveyors helps in upholding the standards in cadastral surveying and delivering quality cadastral surveying services.


Fill up the application form and submit to cadastral Information Division. The applicant will be notified of the date of theory and practical exams.

Point of Contacts​​

Dorji Tshering
Survey Engineer
Cadastral Information Division

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