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Calibration is a fundamental process aimed at refining the precision of Survey instruments. The primary objective of the EDM baseline calibration check at Yangthang is to validate the accuracy and consistency of distance measurements. The calibration procedure follows a stringent set of steps, often outlined by NLCS calibration facilities. The quarterly calibration schedule will be communicated by NLCS through social media channels one month in advance. Instruments should be submitted to the Instruments Section of NLCS a week prior to the scheduled calibration date. Requests for calibration should be routed through the Director of DoSAM at NLCS.

Point of Contacts​

Ugyen Rinzin
Surveyor Topographic Division
Ph no: 17776645

  1. Please first refer the fee for the EDM Baseline services in (Chapter 8: EDM Baseline Calibration ) in the Manual for Fees and Service Charges(MFSC)
  2. Survey requisition form from client. (form 2 Cost estimation form for Control, Topographical and Cadastral) under forms section
  3. Cost estimation from the service provider and reviewed by the client of the survey
  4. Release of payment by the client.
  5. Check EDM baseline for total station
  6. Preparation of result
  7. Preparation of certificate for pass or fail of total station
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