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CORS Facility​

To ensure the sustainability of the CORS network, the NLCS levies a nominal fee. This fee encompasses  the initial setup costs associated with infrastructure and equipment, recurrent expenditures, including remote assistance from external sources and monthly rental expenses for internet and power. However, users who request access for educational purposes will receive it at no cost; they will need to furnish an official document substantiating the use of the network for research purposes. Moreover, users are provided the option to download Re-Processed Raw static data from their chosen CORS station on a daily and hourly basis in


1. Refer the subscription fee for CORS Network is as follows:

  • Government agencies including Dzongkhags and four Gelyong Thromdes shall pay a lump sum of Nu. 10,000 a year for unlimited users.
  • As for the corporation and private firms or entities, following schemes shall be adopted; basic subscription @ Nu.10,000/- annually, standard subscription @ Nu.17,500/- and premium subscription @ Nu.22,500/- with 1 user, 2 users and 3 users respectively. For use of static data charges shall be applied to nonsubscriber to any of the scheme.
  • Users requesting for educational purposes shall be provided free of charge; however, an official document that proves the use of the Network for teaching/ research purposes should be submitted.
  1. The applicant shall submit the application via prescribed form Annexure 1 from the CORSnet manual / (CORSnet Form) under Forms section to access the services.
  2. The cost for the services shall be calculated based on the Application form submitted by the applicant.
  3. The amount shall be deposited in favor of the Director, Department of Survey and Mapping, NLCS.

5. The payment can be made in either cheque and internet or mobile banking and details for the account are as follows:

  1.   Account Number: 100894243 (CD account)
  2.   Account Holder: National Land commission

6. Please submit a copy of the receipt/screenshot of mbob or bnb and the form through WhatsApp to the relevant officials. (Please refer the official website for details)
7. After the payment, the users will be given a credential (Username and Password) wherein users can log in to the portal ( and access the data they intended for.
8. Subscription requests shall be made on the Miranet website
9. After users logged in to the platform, they would be able to change the basic information, like name and password. At the end of the service their credentials will be disabled.
10. Subscription is non-transferable.
11. Simultaneous connections to the network are not allowed, that is, each subscription can only make one connection to the network at the same time.

Point of Contacts​

Jamphel Gyeltshen
Topographic division
Sr. Surveyor
Ph no. 02-331447

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