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Promotion of Utilization of Geospatial Information

Promotion of Utilization of Geospatial Information

The 2nd seminar for the technical cooperation project with JICA on ” The project for the Promotion of Utilization of Geospatial Information through the Development of National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) for Bhutan” was held on 11th October 2023 at the National Land Commission.

During the seminar, the project management team provided an overview and progress of all the activities associated with the project’s two main outputs which are;
1. Capacity development for the operation planning and implementation for the strategic utilization and promotion of NSDI.
2. Capacity development for making, updating, management, and utilization of digital topographic map.
Additionally, external stakeholders, including Thimphu Thromde and the Department of Local Governance and Disaster Management, made presentations on ”Building mobility data of city buses with General Transit Feeds Specification ” and ”Disaster Risk Management Portal” respectively.
The primary objective of this seminar was to raise awareness, foster closer collaboration, and keep member agencies of the Centre for Geo-Information and other key stakeholders, informed about the project’s progress.

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