National Land Commission

New Brand Guidelines for the National Land Commission Secretariat
The 175th Friday Forum featured a presentation by Mr. Tshering Gyeltshen, representing BRIDGEN TEAM unveiled the new Brand Guidelines for the National Land Commission Secretariat. These guidelines serve as a blueprint for ensuring a unified and impactful representation of the organization’s brand. This includes clear rules on logo usage, emphasizing the importance of maintaining sufficient space around the logo for visibility and impact. A designated color palette is provided to maintain brand cohesion, along with guidelines for typography to ensure consistency across all communication materials. Additionally, the guidelines stress the importance of maintaining a professional and authoritative tone of voice in all messaging. Visual elements, including approved imagery, are also highlighted, emphasizing the need to align with the organization’s mission and values to reinforce its identity effectively.
By adhering to these guidelines, the National Land Commission Secretariat aims to present a consistent and recognizable brand image, reinforcing its credibility and authority in its communications with stakeholders and the public. Click here to Download the copy.

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